We offer this service which is unique in the survey environment. Survey is a massive area covering a multitude of options, variables, techniques and methods. All meaning that the finished product you get can vary wildly from one project and supplier of data to the next. We have the knowledge and experience working on large projects in, building, hydro-graphic, airports and rail environments where meeting and interpreting the specification and validating data coming in from suppliers is as important as the works themselves. 

It is all about having confidence in what is supplied to you and for this it is extremely important having good data from the beginning of a project through to the end. This helps minimise delays and reworks as well as making handover at the end much easier when you have the evidence to back up what has been constructed. 

Whether you are on a large or small project, at the beginning, middle or end, we have the expertise to advise on what needs to be completed for you to be able to make your project run in its most cost effective manor. As per our validation service, if your project is already underway and you are not 100% confident or happy in what you have received we can undertake a review of the drawings and data you possess and advise on a sensible way forwards.

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