Available Services


We know that most projects rarely begin with nothing, usually there are is some form of drawing or existing data. There is a frustration that this data could be wasted or time spent undertaking the same works again. We provide a unique service where we can analyse existing data and provide a report on a recommended course of action to take. The value of this is that money can be saved in the by reducing unnecessary works which have been completed or pursuing old data which is not reliable or up to standard. In past projects this had ranged from;

  • Providing a confirmation that data is up to standard after analysing existing control and survey reports.
  • Attending site to undertake a 20% spot check and providing report.
  • Digitising previous survey information in CAD format.
  • Providing a recommendation on what surveys are required to bring the data up to standard.

As you can see there are many options and all of the above will be cheaper than commissioning an entirely new survey. So please make an enquiry and we will assist get started with moving you forward.